Quartetto Armonico


1st prize ATS 240,000, - Prize of the Governor of Styria

Special Prize / Best Interpretation of a Work of Modern Music for the "Lyric Suite" by Alban Berg ATS 60,000, - Prize of the four Styrian universities


Founded in 1995. Graduated from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1997, he studied chamber music (string quartet), lessons with Kiyoshi Okayama and Kazuki Sawa and the Tokyo String Quartet, Vermeer Quartet, Panocha Quartet, Amadeus Quartet, Alban Mountain Quartet, Artis Quartet and Prague String Quartet. 1997 1st Prize and Prix Mercure at the International Summer Academy in Vienna, 1998 Honorary Prize at the International "Karl-Klingler" Competition in Berlin, 1998 and 1999 Mical Music Prize at the Resonare Music Festival, scholarship of the Matsuo Foundation 1998 and 1999 and 1999 prize winners at the International Chamber Music Festival "Allegro vivo" in Lower Austria. 2000 2nd prize at the 8th International String Quartet Competition in London.

Sayo SUGAYA, violin
Born in 1975 in Japan. Studied with Kazuki Sawa and Sonoko Numata. 1st prize at the Japan Music Competition 1992 (Osaka Junior High School division), 2nd prize at the 1996 Japan Chamber Music Competition.

Emi IKUTA, violin
Born in 1974 in Japan. Studied with Takaya Urakawa and Gerhard Bosse. 1988 1st prize at the All Japan Music Competition (Osaka Junior High School division) and Ataka Prize for best violinist of the year 1996 at the university.

Natsuko SAKAMOTO, Viola
Born in 1974 in Japan. Studied with Kazuki Sawa and Sonoko Numata. 1992 1st prize at the Kanagawa Music Competition (Osaka Junior High School division).

Ryo KUBOTA, cello
Born in 1974 in Japan. Violoncello studies with Hakuro Mohri. Winner of the Japan Viva Hall Cello Contest, 1996 solo performance with the German Chamber Orchestra. Ataka Prize for Best Cellist of the Year 1996 at the University.