Application form Lied Duo

Ensemble Details



Personal Documents

Upload personal documents as zip-file (1.): BROWSE (Pflichtfeld)

Make sure you have included all of the following documents:

a. proof of payment application fee
b. singer passport/ID
c. singer declaration of rights
d. singer photo
e. singer biography
f. pianist passport/ID
g. pianist declaration of rights
h. pianist photo
i.  pianist biography
j.  (optional) duo photo
k. (optional) duo biography

Repertoire (program choices)

Upload repertoire list (program choices) (2.): BROWSE (Pflichtfeld)

After confirmation by the executive committee of the competition, the programme indicated on the application form cannot be altered. The order, however, it can be fixed at the competition location one day before performance.

Special Prize for Audience Engagement Euro 2.000 (3.)

Please note

Your application is only valid if all steps have been considered. Only once you have received a confirmation from the Competition Office you are eligible to participate.