It is encouraging and surprising how many young singers embrace the challenge of engaging in the particular repertoire of this competition, of incorporating it into their own language and individual statement. It is only seemingly a juxtaposition between the songs of Schubert and those of the classical modern or new and contemporary music. Much of Schubert is still "outrageous" in the truest sense, a part of the "modern" repertoire is now almost a hundred years old. The latest contemporary trends and compositions are to be discovered yet, for the finalists it is the first time to rehearse and premiere a song by the renowned composer Isabel Mundry - a musical adventure for the participants and the audience!

As newly appointed leader of the competition section "Duo for voice and piano (Lied)" I would like to thank my esteemed colleague and predecessor Christine Whittlesey. Under her leadership, the section has secured itself a place among the most prestigious song competitions. The structures, which have evolved over many years, must be carefully preserved and further developed, and the affectionate cultivation of the open and inspiring atmosphere of the competition must be maintained. A close contact and exchange with the jury members, an honest survey and a sincere feedback on the performances shown as well as support for the artistic future should make the competition a long-lasting event for the young participants, a special stage on their artistic path.


Eligible for participation are musicians of all nations who were born after 15 February, 1985.

  • JURY


    1st prize: € 9.000,- plus 6 months of career consulting and guidance

    2nd prize: € 6.500,-

    3rd prize: € 4.500,-

    SPECIAL PRIZE: € 1.000,-
    Prize for the best interpretation of the commissioned work.

    All participants of the 11th FS&MM are eligible to participate. We cordially invite you to apply for this prize, which is awarded independently from the results of the chamber music competition. We are looking for creative projects in the field of audience engagement.



    Additionally, prizewinners are provided with scholarships, concert engagements and radio recordings.




    The repertoire for the 11th FS&MM 2021 will be available on this page in winter 2019!

    The essential feature of this competition is the juxtaposition of modern and traditional music. Right from the start, it was about bringing Schubert's chamber music into relation with new and newest works for suitable ensembles. The expansion of the chamber music repertoire is actively pursued with composition competitions and commissioned works.

    As part of the repertoire, the participants are invited to rehearse compulsory pieces. A compulsory piece is the prize-winning work of the International Composition Competition Lied, which is advertised in advance of the FS&MM by the University of Music and Performing Arts and will be sent to the participants after the registration deadline. In addition, a commissioned work by a renowned composer - this time Judith Weir could be won over for the composition commission - is to be rehearsed for the final round. The scores will be handed over to the participants in the final after the semi-finals.



    from February 7 to 11, 2021 (1st and 2nd round),
    on February 12, 2021 (semi-final)
    and on February 14, 2021 (final)

    Palais Meran,
    Leonhardstraße 15, 8010 Graz



    "Please note: Application will be possible from April 1, 2020"

    Necessary steps for the application:

    1. Please create a zip file with the following personal documents which you will need to upload during the application process:

    a. proof of payment application fee
    b. singer passport/ID
    c. singer declaration of rights
    d. singer photo
    e. singer biography
    f. pianist passport/ID
    g. pianist declaration of rights
    h. pianist photo
    i.  pianist biography
    j.  (optional) duo photo
    k. (optional) duo biography

    2. Use the following pdf template to cite your program choices (Repertoire) which you will need to upload during the application process.

    >> Download  (pdf template)

    3. Think about whether you are interested in the Special Prize for Audience Engagement. You can download the announcement for creative projects in the field of audience engagement by means of the following button:

    >> Download  (Announcement)

    4. Prepared for application? Please start your application process:

    Please note: Application will be possible from April 1, 2020